Delivering Digital Transformation in the Contact Center with Koopid

Thursday, November 12, 2020 | by: Koopid

In part two of our seven part series featuring Dr. Venky Krishnaswamy, we will learn more about Koopid's mission and how they are helping contact centers tackle their digital transformation initiatives. 

What is Koopid’s mission?

Our mission is to remove complexity, restore simplicity, and focus on delight, in the delivery of customer experiences. We know this is where enterprises need to be, where they want to be, and, more importantly, where their customers want them to be. 

This is why Koopid exists. We saw an opportunity when we founded Koopid to rethink the entire paradigm of delivering customer service. Historically, the contact center industry has been built around inbound voice and the technologies built to support delivering telephone-based service at scale. And while telephone service is still important, the customer experience challenge is greatly more complex. The customer experience expectation of consumers in 2021 differ significantly from what they were in the 70’s and 80’s when these technologies were built. Further, brands must provide a compelling and effective customer journey when consumers start in the myriad of digital channels they value for service.

Webchat, email, social media, proactive communications, notification, sms, video - these things have been added to service organizations (and voice contact center platforms) but on top of an infrastructure that was fundamentally designed for a something completely different. They look like different pieces of different puzzles, not integrated elements of the same picture. Our insight, or touchstone, is that a customer's experience is the totality of their dealings with the business, from self-service, to social media engagement, talking to an agent in your call center, or receiving a text notification. For customers, it's the totality of that experience that matters, so for the business, they need to think about it in that capacity and provide a framework focused on the totality of the customer experience – and of course they technology to support that. That's the thesis and our reason for being in the market and we're able to reenergize the industry from this perspective, and it’s what we believe to be very fresh thinking in the marketplace.

What does Koopid deliver and who is your target audience?

Koopid is about the digital transformation of a contact center. Digital transformation has driven a sense of urgency in many industries today across many areas of our business. Many businesses have chief digital officers and chief experience officers. In the customer service or customer engagement and contact centers sphere, digital transformation has become an important project. But what does that really mean? Typically, digital transformation is about codifying a sphere of operational process or interface in software, which then enables granular instrumentation, yielding a complete data for analysis and optimization. 

Those are some of the values associated with digital transformation and it is involved essentially tooling systems so whether it's a person-to-person communication through an organization, data entry or things that have to be collected on paper and facts transforming those processes, they're done in a digital way enabling capture of the digital tree. It is in this context that Koopid operates for contact centers. What this means is that your customers should be able to contact the business digitally across any channel. Our current reality is that all of us have in the palm of our hands the most capable digital device yet invented - the smartphone. Beautiful interface, text graphics, UI, camera, precise location, rich in the ability to communicate using a variety of modalities, but also rich in the collection of data.

How do you connect a user on their smartphone into a contact center so that the business can supply a rich stream of communication and data exchange to the contact center? In the old world, customers called with their phone and the only information exchanged was what was said. In the new world, brands want to enable and capture information that happens at multiple levels in real-time, asynchronously and offline, and attach all of it to the interaction. This gives the business a holistic picture of the customer and the customer has a rich multidimensional way to interact and do business with the enterprise of their choice. Koopid is about enabling that digital transformation by providing the digital channel access with a rich and comprehensive data and metadata infrastructure that allows communication of aspects like location, images, video, gestures for that interaction to be as rich as possible.

Additionally, we provide a layer of AI processing that can take this data and apply it to the digital channels that have been used and continuously run algorithms and provide feedback into the whole process, to improve and make things smarter. Koopid is a digital transformation stack, or digital customer experience orchestration stack, that consists of all these layers, the digital channels, the rich information exchange and the structuring in the form of workflows and data processing that allow AI algorithms to provide intelligence and benefit. The whole stack runs in the cloud and there is no need to retool what is currently in the enterprise or undergo a long planning and implementation process.

>> Next week we will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted customer service

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